Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn Wedding Cake

This was such a fun cake to make! The leaves in our area have turned lovely shades of colours, and this cake captures some of them. The rich colours of the cake, were highlighted by the reception setting. There was a huge backdrop of lovely autumn leaves! The bottom tier of this cake was chocolate cake with vanilla oreos 'n cream buttercream, the middle tier, vanilla with vanilla buttercream and the top tier was red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. It must have made for a dramatic cutting! All decorations, leaves, acorns, cording were edible.

Fashionista Cake

These cakes were made for a lovely lady. She arrived at her surprise party with her Louis Vuitton purse, so the cake was apropos!!! Everything, except the flower stamens and the jewels on the shoe, is edible. Inside was moist vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream.

Transportation Birthday Cake

The recipient of this cake likes all moving
All transport vehicles were hand cut, and put together like a jigsaw puzzle. Inside were alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting.

Canadiens Jersey

This jersey was created for a huge Montreal fan, and his even bigger fan of a dad! Inside was vanilla cake with vanilla oreos 'n cream buttercream!
The dad liked the cake..."Showed some people from the office pictures of Matt’s cake and everyone was just floored…I’m still speechless myself".