Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dad's 70th

I was able to make this for my dear dad's 70th birthday! I used the instructions in the Confetti Cakes book. Inside was spice cake with french vanilla buttercream!

Sewing Machine Cake

My friend found an image of a similar cake on line, by apieceofcake. I was able to create this one for her mom's 75th birthday.

Shopping Bag and Cupcakes

These treats were made to celebrate a Children's Place fan's big '40'.

Baby Girl Shower

Chocolate cake with oreos'n cream filling are inside this delicate pink creation to celebrate the impending arrival of a sweet baby girl.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas cookies

These are some of the various cookies we made for Christmas, 2008. The mitten and lightbulb are gingerbread with royal icing, and the cookies on the plate are greek kourambiedes (icing sugar coated, almond shortbread) and melomakarona (honey dipped, spiced, orange walnut cookies).

Cars Birthday

Michael turned 4 and only wanted a Cars themed birthday. The two tiered cake was all chocolate with chocolate buttercream filling. The cookies were also chocolate with boyish and girlish themes to appeal to the guests.

Winter Bridal Shower

This frosty cake and matching cookies were made for Lindsay. Inside the cake was chocolate cake with vanilla filling and vanilla cake with lemon buttercream and raspberry preserves. The co-ordinating cookies were all vanilla flavoured with vanilla royal icing.

Rabbit in Magic Hat

My little girl turned 5 in December, and wanted a magic themed birthday party. This is all cake with fondant decorations, except for the whiskers which are wire. Inside the stacked cake was moist banana cake with nutella filling and chocolate cake with vanilla filling.